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Meet Our Staff
Founder/Director, Junior Assistant Coach
Cheerleader for PAL and Winterhalter Jr. High School, 4 year Varsity Cheerleader and Captain at Chadsey High School, MSU Cheer and Dance team. B.S. in Political Science from Michigan State University. 15 years of coaching cheer and dance experience with various PAL, Elementary, Junior High, High School and All-Star Teams. Memberships in USASF, MHSAA, and MCCA. Certified All Star Coach with USASF. Coach Mattison feels that everyone should be passionate about something and her passion is cheerleading. “I have been blessed to be involved in something that I love, and to have a wonderful staff that feels the same way I do”.
Assistant Director/Business Manager
Cheerleader for PAL and Winterhalter Jr High School, Varsity Cheerleader for Lansing Hill High School, 2 years Varsity Gold, All State 3 year Varsity Gymnast (holds record for highest score on Floor Exercise routine), MSU graduate holding a B.A. in Communication Arts and Sciences, MSA from Central Michigan University. 10 years of cheerleading/gymnastics experience. 7 years experience in coaching and assistance in other Metro Detroit youth programs. Member of USASF and MCCA. Certified All Star Coach with USASF.
Derrick Hogan is the glue that helps hold the CA organization together. Coach Derrick is our "Sergeant at Arms", ensuring that all members uphold the standards set by parents and the coaches. Coach Derrick also plays a major part with ESC, he coaches football and the Lady Tigers girls softball team.  He provides input on cheer technique and is a skilled dancer.  We rely greatly on Coach Derrick for facility maintenance and security.
Assistant to Director and Business Manager / Marketing and Development Executive
Introduced to cheer through her daughter, Ms. Pattie soon developed a passion for all-star cheerleading. During her role as team liaison for CA, she redeveloped the CA business infrastructure by incorporating information technology, contract analysis, marketing and mass communication which has established long-term relationships and high member retention. Her love of young people has provided Pattie with the opportunity to work with various community parent and youth groups in a number of leadership roles. Ms. Pattie is a proud graduate of Detroit Henry Ford High School, holds a degree in Business Management from Northwood University, works full-time and owns her own business.
Rita Bibbs -- Parent Liaison
Judith Bailey – CA Trustee
Open Co-ed Cheer, Open & Junior Hip Hop Coach
Coach Kandass, the Premier All Star Coach in the State of Michigan, is in huge demand by other teams and contracts her skills out to various High School teams throughout Michigan. Coach Kandass runs her own business and is involved in giving private camps for teams throughout the state. Kandass started out as an ESC Cheerleader and began her coaching career at the age of 14! She went on to commandeer the Southfield High School Cheer Squad until graduation, at which time, she passed the torch on to Coach Ashley. Coach Kandass participated on various dance teams while attending Eastern Michigan University. Kandass holds a B.S. in Business Administration and is working on her graduate degree. Member of USASF and MCCA. Certified All Star Coach with USASF.
Junior/Senior Cheer Coach
Coach Ashley has cheered since the age of four. She started off with the Eastside Cowboys on the C-Team at the age of 6 and continued her journey until her last day on the A-Team. She has been with the Cowboy All-Stars since its inception. Coach Ashley’s coaching career as a junior coach for PAL then she became the coach of the Cowboy All-Star Juniors. She was Captain of the Southfield High Varsity Cheer Squad until her graduation in 2004. Ashley attends Alabama State University majoring in Elementary Education and is a Varsity Cheerleader. Ashley is also an entrepreneur who has began her own company, Fanta!sie Productions LLC, specializing in upscale event planning. Coach Ashley has a love and passion for cheerleading that she continues to spread amongst all of the cheerleaders she comes in contact with. Her motto is ‘if you can’t BEAT the team JOIN the team”! Member of USASF and MCCA. Certified All Star Coach with USASF.
Youth Cheer Coach
Coach Dominique began her cheerleading experience in grades 6 – 8 while attending Our Lady of Good Council. She then continued to cheer for Dominican High School’s Varsity team for 3 years. Coach Dominique attended Michigan State University for 2 years and completed her B.A. in Business Management at Davenport University. This is her second year coaching ESC’s D-Team and is the Varsity Cheer Coach for South Lake High School. Previously, Coach Dominique facilitated fundraising duties for the parents of CA. Member of USASF and MCCA. Certified All Star Coach with USASF.
Mini Cheer Coach
Coach Kris attended Martin Luther King High School where she was a majorette and competitive swimmer. She began her coaching career with the Eastside Cowboys. Coach Kris' passion for cheerleading began when her daughter first joined and has grown ever since. Coach Kris is a graduate of Oakland Community College with a degree in Nursing and actively works as a Registered Nurse. Member of USASF and MCCA. Certified All Star Coach with USASF.
Cherrise Rowland-Johnson  and JaCoya Johnson
Tiny Cheer Coaches
Coach Cherrise and Coach Jacoya have returned to CA this year. They have been part of the Eastside Cowboys Association for years. Coach Jacoya has cheer on CA and ESC as well as coaching ESC cheer teams. Coach Cherrise has been dancing and cheering since she was 6 years old. Coach Cherrise was a varsity cheerleader at Detroit Central High School and attended Wayne State University. She is one of the founding coaches of CA and originally coached the youth cheer team all the way to Nationals. Coach Cherrise has been a coach with the Eastside Cowboys organization since 2000. Her fire and passion mixed with her "blue blood" equals COWBOYS FOR LIFE! Both Cherrise and daughter, Jacoya are members of USASF and MCCA,  Certified All Star Coaches with USASF.
Coach Coya attended Detroit Central High School where she was a Varsity Cheerleader. She was a cheerleader for Cowboy All-Stars & Eastside Cowboys since the age of 6. Coach Coya was on CA the first year they started and cheered until the age of 13. Coya is aspiring to become a law enforcement officer & will attend Macomb Community College to study Forensic Science in Physiology. Coach Coya has coached for ESC's D and A team Cheer sqaud. Coach Coya loves the Cowboy's with a passion and will always be a Cowboy 4 Life
Youth Hip Hop Coach, Assistant Mini/Youth Cheer Coach
Coach Mirah attended University Prep High School where she was a Varsity Cheerleader for 4 years. She currently attends Wayne State University and is a member of the CA Open Cheer and Dance Teams. She began her coaching career with the Eastside Cowboys. She is a premier gymnastics instructor and has assisted with the Mini All-Stars for 3 years. Coach Mirah led the Youth Hip Hop Team to its ranking among the top 10 Teams in the Nation. Member USASF and MCCA, Certified All Star Coach with USASF.
Ashlee Crawford (Wayne State University)
Shelby Malone (Gannon University)
Paige Mattison 
Megan Sargent, Kevin, JaNae Garry, Kayla Langston
Junior coaches are selected from our Senior All Stars to assist with the teams. They are nominated by the CA Staff to provide additional mentoring to your children.
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